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Edge Details

Edge details are one of the many choices to be made before your countertops can be fabricated. The edge details shown below are the most popular. Our edges can be categorized as a standard or an upgrade edge. The below are shown both our standard and upgraded edges respectively. Please note our standard material thickness is 3cm, profile availability for non-standard thickness (i.e. 2cm, 4cm, 6cm, 9cm, etc) may vary.A select number of 4cm built-up edges are show in this edge-details-4cm-sheet.pdf. If you still don't see what you want, please consult your sales associate when making your stone selection. Custom edges can be made but may require special tooling at an additional cost.

Standard Edge Profiles

Upgrade Edge Profiles

KEY: The heavy red line represents the polished surface. The dark line on the bottom side represents an unpolished surface.

Not recommended for use with Leather or Caress finishes.

Not available for use with quartzites and other select extremely hard materials (i.e. Verde Bamboo).

We have a brochure containing all the edges shown above available for download/printing as well.