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How to Order Stone: Before You Begin

First a quick note on timing, you should be finalizing your natural stone details about when you order your new cabinets. This should put you in a good position (schedule wise) once your cabinets are installed. While orders for countertops may be placed before or after this point, the overall timing can be affected. If the order is placed too early, the customer may have forgotten exactly what the material they selected looks like or may make changes to the spec that are not properly communicated resulting in complications at either template or install. On the other hand, the later the tops are ordered (after cabinets are ordered or even after they arrive), the more of a time crunch the project is in for countertops and the tighter it is to schedule to everyone's satisfaction and availability. Also please note this is a general guideline as lead time for cabinets will vary from manufacture to manufacture. In the end each project will have it's own flow (including but not limited to countertops) based on many other factors.