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How to Order Stone: Fabrication

Fabrication will not start until the shop drawings have been approved by the customer. Additionally we must have the sink and faucet before we start fabrication. An additional (but optional) step is that the customer, home owner, and/or designer may come to our shop and layout the templates on the slabs to be cut. This is more of an issue with material with a lot of movement as opposed to materials with a consistent pattern. Actual fabrication will start with the cutting of the slab(s) on our bridge saw. Below is a pictorial tour of the complete fabrication process for a 2cm marble vanity top. Please note some steps shown are only applicable to marble or 2cm material (and not applicable or typical to 3cm or granite). Fabrication will take approximately two to four (2-4) weeks depending on the size and complexity of the job as well as additional jobs currently in production in our shop at the time.

Fabrication Slideshow
Cutting slab on saw

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