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How to Order Stone

Unloading a 20ft shipping container
There are a number of steps between deciding you want natural stone in your house and having the pieces installed or delivered. The next few pages serve as a guide and cover the major points to consider. They also cover general information to help you schedule and budget your project.

  1. Before You Begin - options & choices - things to know before getting a quote
  2. Getting a Quote - how to get a quote - things to be aware of - does price include...
  3. Templating- when, how, customer/contractor's responsibility
  4. Fabrication - timing/cut schedule, factors that affect
  5. Installation - timing, post installation care

From the Quarry to the Kitchen

This video covers the process from raw material to finished product. It goes beyond just the services we provide (fabricating from slabs & installing finished product), but is a good overview of the industry as a whole. This video is provided by the MIA and used with permission.