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How to Order Stone: Installation

Slab fireplace facing installation over existing brick
Installation will be scheduled when the fabrication of your tops is nearing completion. Generally a kitchen can be installed in just one (1) day. However, larger jobs or tear-out of existing countertops may require additional time. On your scheduled install date please have all areas receiving stone clear and accessible. The sink, faucet, and stove top must be disconnected and removed prior to the installation of the new granite countertops. Percoco Marble & Tile in not responsible for removing your stove, sink, or upper cabinets that may interfere with installation. If appliances and/or cabinetry/trim are not removed as requested, Percoco Marble will not take responsibility for any damage to those items. Please note, these issues will be addressed if applicable at time of template on a job by job basis as necessary. Additionally, we will be happy to discuss the specifics of your job site at any time prior to installation. Your new countertops will be sealed with a [impregnating] stone sealer at the end of the installation that should last for many years. You will be left with a neutral based stone cleaner and information on care & cleaning of your new countertops. You will receive your final invoice either at the time of install or in the mail (and/or by FAX) shortly thereafter. Please remember final payment is due upon receipt of invoice. Finally, the end is here and now you can enjoy your new stone countertops for years to come.