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How to Order Stone: Before You Begin: About Sinks

Before you select a sink however there are a few things to be aware of about sink cut-outs and size of sink in relation to the sink base cabinet.

Sink Cut-outs

stainless steel under-mount vanity sink
Most kitchen (stainless steel) sinks have a reveal, whereas most vanity sinks (china/porcelain) the cut-out overhangs into the sink slightly. A flush cut-out is not recommended, especially with hand-crafted sinks (ie Bates & Bates). We will cut to the template/.dxf provided by the manufacture (if one is provided/available) unless otherwise specified. One currently known exception is Kohler Caxton series vanity sinks (ie K-2209, K-2210, and K-2211). These sinks are manufactured in 3 different countries (China, Mexico, and USA) and vary from one to another. This requires cutting based on the actual sink rather than the template. However, just having the template is not enough. We require the sink also to verify that the template will provide an appropriate cut-out as well as for proper positioning of the sink within the cabinet. Please note that some manufactures (ie Elkay) provide different series of stainless steel sinks that have different reveal/overhang characteristics. You can view more sinks and sink cut-outs on our Products: Sinks page.

Sink & Cabinet Sizes

porcelain under-mount vanity sink
The 24 inch measurement of a 24" deep cabinet is the outside dimension of the cabinet frame. There needs to be enough inside room in the cabinet for both the sink and faucet. Note that the thickness of the back-splash (2cm/0.75" or 3cm/1.25" for slab splash) further reduces the usable interior size of the cabinet. The upper-front brace is usually cut away to a minimum size, but is necessary to provide strength, so it cannot be removed. Different manufacturers use different types of front bracing, and some cannot be cut away as much as others. A tolerance factor is always needed to adjust for the best fit. If your sink "just fits" into the cabinet, it is really too big for the cabinet. Some manufactures (ie Kindred) will list in their catalog a minimum cabinet size with each sink model in the catalog. Please note that a Caxton K-2211 sink requires a 24" deep base, whereas the the Caxton K-2210 (or Caxton K-2209 for that matter) can be used in a standard vanity cabinet.