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We currently have 48"x20"x10" blocks one each of Mink Grey and Halia Gold (both are limestones), two of White Carrara (marble), one of Bianco Gioa (a marble similar to White Carrara), three of Pietra de Cardoso (schist), and two of Beluga Limestone available. We also have a piece of Jeusalem Gold (limestone) that is 20"x17"x10", and a piece of Beluga Limestone that is 48"x20"x5" (the other 5" of this block was used for two vanity sinks integrated into a master vanity countertop). These smaller blocks are ideal for vanity, bar or even prep sinks. Shown below are the machining process of both a 45"x20"x9½" White Carrara block vanity and a 36"x20"10" Pietra de Cardoso block sink (also known as a apron front, farmer's or farm style sink). We have also made sinks from layering slabs and machining the resulting block when block material is not available.

White Carrara Marble Block Vanity Sink & Legs

A Block of White Carrara Marble Ready for MachiningCoring Holes to Remove Excess Material1st Level of Cores DrilledReady to Break Out CoresFinished 1st (Rough) Pass to Shape SinkInitial Sink Shape CompletedFinished 2nd (Fine) Pass of Sink ShapingReady for Hand Finishing & PolishingSink Basin after Hand PolishingSteel Frame & Decorative Legs for Vanity BlockFinished White Carrara Marble Block Vanity w/Legsinished White Carrara Marble Block Vanity w/Faucet & Drain

Pietra De Cardos Schist 36" Farm Style Kitchen Sink

Pietra De Cardoso shist block 48x20x10 inchesFirst layer of mass material removal startedFirst set of cores removedSecond layer holes over drain removedSecond layer cores being removedSecond layer cores removedCNC portion finishedSink after removal from CNCHand finishing completed - inside

Need some inspiration? How about The Guitar Sink. No we haven't done one of these, but we could :)