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Stone Selection: Marbles

Marble is simply a evolved form limestone (by a metamorphic process that develops the veining, color, and texture) composed primarily of calcite and dolomite. The coloration of marble is due to the presence of other minerals in the stone. Some minerals and colors they produce are listed in the table below.

What Makes Different Marbles Different Colors

Some marbles can be as dense or denser than some of the granites. This makes them more stain resistant, however even the densest marbles are not as hard as granites, leaving marble more prone to scratches. Also since marble is polished by a chemical reaction, the polish can be removed by chemical reactions. This happens primarily by almost any acid (i.e. lemon juice, vinegar, etc.) and is known as etching. By honing marble the potential of etching can be reduced significantly (especially for lighter colored marbles) and if necessary can be easily buffed out by the home-owner.