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Thaxton Desk: 3cm Leathered Angola Black Granite
Thaxton - 3cm Leathered Angola Black Granite

The glossy finish of polished slab granite would not be tolerable in our kitchen. The abundance of natural light in our kitchen reflecting on a glossy surface would be blinding. We needed a non-reflecting finish. We liked the leathered finish. Granite is rock and the leather finish enhances the notion that it is a rock countertop.

The leather finish has the added quality of not showing fingerprints or even dust. It always looks clean!

We chose two very different types of granite, one for the kitchen countertops and window seat (used for plants) and another for the kitchen desk. The granite countertops have more variation and leathering gave it more texture (the texture does not collect dirt). The desk is black granite that even when leathered is not very textured; works well for writing, is non-reflective and doesn't show dust.

Mike & Maryann Thaxton

Hello Dave,
Your installers did an excellent job installing my countertop…it looks great. I couldn't be happier.

Thank you for your patience in working with me…it was well worth waiting for and; I appreciate the professionalism of your entire crew and your help selecting the correct sink.

I will recommend Percoco Marble should the opportunity ever arise. You guys are the best! Thanks again Dave.

Best Regards,
Patrick Kelley

We have relied on Percoco for a number of projects and you have never let us down. Your attention to the details, the exceptional quality of your work and adherence to very high standards are what make you the very best. We look forward to many more projects over the years - only with Percoco.

With gratitude,
Elaine & Mel Cantor

As granite countertops in kitchens and bathrooms have become a standard in our industry, we designers are always searching for new and innovative finishes. Percoco Marble has perfected the technique of "leathering" granite, giving us a wonderful option for our discriminating clients. With outstanding products and customer service, they have become great partners in executing our designs.

Klaudia H. Spivey, CMKBD
Design Times, Inc.
Parish Kitchen: 3cm Leathered Cobra Gold Granite
Parish - 3cm Leathered Cobra Gold Granite

We chose the "leathered" finish. The non-glare finish is easy on the eyes and allows you to see the beauty of the surface and stone. The leathered texture gives a softer look to a hard surface and is pleasing to the touch. the finish hides crumbs and spots so it looks great even when preparing meals. We are still amazed when we walk through our kitchen. This finish will be timeless when the high gloss polished look goes out of trend.

Thanks for making our remodel so unique!

Mark & Krystal Parish

Your thank you note was a nice touch. We appreciated it. We want to thank you for your help in laying out the pattern to cut the granite for our countertops. We want to tell you and Mr. Percoco how pleased we were with the installation crew also. They were very professional and did an excellent job. The cuts matched which is credit to Dave for doing an excellent job of engineering. It too was a pleasure to work with the entire Percoco staff.

Doug & Kaye Kayser

Dear Leilani, Joe and the rest of the gang at Percoco,

Marsha and I want you all to know how thrilled we are with our countertops. They are such a beautiful addition to our "dream kitchen". We so appreciate your help in achieving our goals and want to commend your installation crew for their efforts and keen attention to detail. We are so very pleased with what we have accomplished together with you and wish you much continued success in the time to come.

Bill Baugh

We LOVE our new kitchen. Everyone was great to work with from Leilani in the design phase through to Ray who did a fabulous install. We would be happy to recommend Percoco to anyone!

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Mark & Ilene Reinhart


The marble and granite look wonderful. Thanks for all of you help. We are very pleased. I will put the check in the mail to you tomorrow (Wednesday).

Thanks again,

Just a quick note to say thanks for a great job! Anne said the crew was smart, efficient and meticulous. What more can you ask for? Many thanks Donna, for the recommendation.

Henry G. Beer IDSA FSEGD

Dear Dave,
Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did for me on the Wagner job. Working with me to figure out that corner, laying out the bar so we did not need extra support. Your attention to detail- including the underside of the bar finish and the install - were all top notch! I can't thank you enough for getting this done in a timely manner as my clients are due home soon - I can't wait to see their faces when they see their kitchen! I only hope they love an appreciate your work as much as I do.

Mindy Knaster