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Warranty on Stone Countertops

Percoco Marble & Tile guarantees installation of stone (including both naturally occurring and man-made/engineered stones) countertops. However because of the natural composition of stone as well as issues such as settling, we cannot guarantee that the stone will not crack on the countertop. We will however repair any cracks free of charge that occur within 1 year of installation. Any cracks that occur after 1 year will be repaired on a service charge basis.


A Falling Block of Marble in a Marble Quarry
A Falling Block of Marble in a Marble Quarry

All granite or marble countertops are made from natural stone that has been quarried from mountains all over the world. As a natural product they are prone to variations in color, pattern and density that actually adds to the beauty and charm of the material. Tiles in stone are under the same management and will also vary from tile to slab material as well as from piece to piece and crate to crate. While granite is a hard stone capable of withstanding the harshest of domestic environments, marble is fairly soft and functions much better in less used areas. Both materials can be scratched if abused and both can stain if not cleaned up immediately. All measurements, dimensions and sinks must be provided to Percoco Marble & Tile before any fabrication can begin. Any incorrect measurements or any delays by others cannot be overlooked, thus Percoco Marble & Tile will not be responsible or liable. Delays caused by not receiving pertinent information prior to fabrication may cause scheduling conflicts and a possibility of overtime charges. Also plumbing and/or furniture and/or appliance moving is not the responsibility of Percoco Marble & Tile. If for any reason furniture or appliances must be moved or plumbing removed, Percoco Marble & Tile is not responsible for damages that may occur.