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Natural Stone Selection

Thermopolis hot springs - Travertine in the making
Travertine in the making - Thermopolis, WY

General Information

All granite and marble countertops are made from natural stone that has been quarried from mountains all over the world. As a natural product they are prone to variations in color, pattern and density that actually adds to the beauty and charm of the material. While granite is a hard stone capable of withstanding the harshest of domestic environments, marble is softer (but can be more dense) and can function better in less used areas. Both materials can be scratched if abused and both can stain if not cleaned up immediately. Additionally, the surface finish selected will affect the properties of the stone selected. We are also a certified fabricator for many engineered stones, such as Caesarstone, Pental, & Silestone just to name a few.

Please note that many stones are known by more than one name. Dr. Daniel Pivko has complied tables containing commercial name, origin, common name variations (including incorrect and/or not quite correct forms) of both granites and marbles (these table are sorted alphabetically by the commercial name - also on the findstone website the prev/next buttons are "reversed").

Types of Natural Stone

Local Stone Distributors

If you are not able to find the stone you want in our yard (we have a small selection of materials with multiple slabs available and a sizeable selection of remnants) here is a list of the local wholesalers where hopefully you can find what you are looking for. We can still quote you a price, but need to know exactly what material you have selected and where you saw it. The reason is that both the size (and therefore the number of slabs required) and our cost (from the wholesaler) need to be taken into account for an accurate bid. Please note this list is alphabetical and in no way imparts a preference nor should it to be deemed complete or exclusive. Please feel free to contact us regarding these or other local suppliers.